Wilson Group Wines & Spirits is a fully integrated agency licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. (AGCO).

We are dedicated to growing your brands making them leaders in their categories.

 In Ontario we work with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.  The LCBO is the single largest purchaser of beverage alcohol in the world.  In 2015 their net sales surpassed $5 billion.  They have over 630 LCBO retail stores and 200 agency stores in the province.

We will guide you in bringing your brands through the 3 available LCBO distribution channels:

Wines & Spirits Business Unit

On your behalf we present & support your brands to this unit of the LCBO. These brands are continuous listing brands with the LCBO.  If your brand is accepted into this category, it has the opportunity of reaching over 630 retail and 200 agency stores in Ontario.

Vintages Business Unit

VINTAGES is the fine wine and premium spirits business unit of the LCBO. Most of the products sold through VINTAGES are available for a limited time, with the product portfolio changing constantly. This ever-changing selection is an opportunity for new producers to establish their presence in Ontario and build a reputation for quality products.  Vintages has several components to it:  Classics Catalogue, Vintage Bi-weekly releases, Wine of the Month etc.

Specialty Services Unit

We bring your brands to the market through the specialty services unit at the LCBO.  Specialty Services was established to bring products that are not sold through LCBO stores.  We can guide you through the steps to bring virtually any one of your products to the market.  From this perspective, your opportunities are endless.

We are a full servicewine and spirit agency in Ontario with a comprehensive understanding of our market.  Our services include:

  • LCBO Business Units (Wines Category, VINTAGES, Specialty Services) and how to submit brands to these business units.
  • LCBO contacts at Head office,(Buyers, Category Managers) 
  • Liaising with Retail Stores managers and staff regarding product knowledge and other promotional activities
  • Executing supplier advertising, public relations, promotional campaigns and merchandising programs
  • Marketing and promotions of your brands through LCBO programs such as:  Air Miles, Limited Time offers, Value add etc
  • We are fully licensed by the AGCO and possess a strong command of the Liquor License Act which governs the sale and service of liquor in Ontario.
  • Awareness of brands in the Ontario market,  current trends, identify opportunities for suppliers
  • Sales performance of our brands, sales distribution and monitoring
  • Packaging requirements - Labels, Cases etc
  • Strong dedication to growing our brands in the Ontario market
  • Opportunity to grow your business outside of LCBO retail, using LCBO Specialty Services program for restaurants and private collectors

For more information on partnering with us please contact us:  info@wilsonwinesandspirits.com